Raymon's Class Schedule 2016
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Raymon Grace

What do Raymon's classes cover?




I will not be traveling as far and wide this year. For those of you who still want to attend a class with me in person, I am offering some classes in Abingdon, Va.

This is a historic town in SW. Va. about 33 miles from Tri City Airport in E. Tn. Here is a link to the history of the town for those interested.

These classes will offer a bit more time to socialize with folks than the previous classes.

Will also still be offering some classes at locations within a day’s drive. For those who are far away and don’t want to travel, am offering a webinar from time to time. It’s the most time and cost efficient way to get the information to you.

Let me know what works for you via email.

December 16- 19, 2016

In Your Home via Computer or tablet.
Must have high speed internet access to view.

Details and registration here.



ALERT!!! Beware of Raymon imposters.

Hi folks,

It seems like my work has such an appeal that some people want to copy it. They are taking one class from me and then claiming to modernize it and teach in one day what it takes me 2 intensive days to teach.

In the past, some have contacted me for an explanation of what they paid someone else to supposedly teach them.

Have heard recordings of someone claiming to be teaching my information, and it had little similarity to what I actually said.

While I encourage people to use and share information presented in my classes, and sometimes even give permission to play my DVDs for their various groups, please be aware that I have not given these people the right to use my copyrighted information, my name, nor am I responsible for what they teach.
Just wanted you to know,


  People buy things that they don't need, with money they don't have, at prices they can't afford.....to impress someone who doesn't give a damn.
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